The Top 10 Most Influential Entities of K-Pop

By Tuesday, November 05, 2013

K-POP era opened wide . Across Asia , Europe and North America to the history and tradition that stretches gamyeo "American hip-hop '' Tees Brie British Rock 'and is on par with the brand . K-POP whether the birth of the brand in just 10 years , but is achieved unbelievable feat .

Visible growth in scale steep. There are times held 200 billion won sales agency , SM Entertainment has achieved an export 100 billion won . Odd idle waste of time if you stay in the country . Take charter ' World Tour ' to meet fans around the world . More than half of the year remain in the overseas thing is common.

TVXQ KAIST August 17 ​​to 18 at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan 5 Dome Tour Open finale of the total audience of 144,000 people had gathered . Total ticket revenue ( the same seat ¥ 9,800 ) , but worth about 160 billion colossal scale. Big Bang G-Dragon solo world tour this year, 08 countries, 13 cities in the world with 27 performances to an audience of approximately 570,000 people were mobilized . In Las Vegas for the climax of the 2013 K-POP. In the center is really what the music industry leading brands .

Sports founding anniversary day 44 of the most influential brands in the music industry for 10 selected. True to large industrial stations , producers , distributors , producers , singers , etc. looked at comprehensively . There are 200 people participated in the official survey , three pyossik (multiple voting impossible) event rankings and priced fairly . The brand was not subject to a distributed table (ex SM · yisuman · SM C & C) up to 10 positions are open . Did you unplug the officials directly leading ' power brands ' looked at .

1.SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment is an entertainment group that represents Asia . Stock valuation , export , company apart from all indicators , including celebrity activity report . SM 's stock price to 37,000 won per 24 days market capitalization amounting to 763.9 billion won . By far one of the groups of entertainment , in the KOSDAQ listed companies are the top 21 . Total revenue for 2012 recorded 160 billion won , and cultural content as exports earned money of 100 billion won . Such as TVXQ , Super Junior , Girls' Generation K-POP super star- earned foreign currency around the world , thanks to the .

The company also changing than to settle K-POP constantly to keep pace in the market did not neglect his division . SM Entertainment SM C & C last year, through its subsidiaries drama production and management projects taken the foot . In recent years, through the Infinite , SM C & C , etc. belong Nell ringing was merged entertainment . SM Entertainment Group through the merger label business plan to start in earnest . Warner Music , Sony Music , such as foreign agency as the major record companies owning large and small record label seems to increase the brand value .

SM yisuman said one president and the Korean garden , SM representing the Asian Group to President Kim Young Min of SM which grow in the future and asked about the way forward in Korean .

-SM entertainment music industry 'power brand' one over the impression of entry .

"Thank you is even more impressed that hard haeyagetda . Those who have already engaged in Korea music industry , as well as the domestic market -oriented world , and Asia is further . SM in the global market through the brand continues to grow as part of an effort been and its achievements recognized for the results it might haejusin carefully, I guess , once again thank . "

-SM in the 2013 business achieved what most see as a big achievement .

"SM is the brand power continues to grow and I think the big problem came . SM pop concert in Korea was barren of a single show in Paris, France for the first time in Korea is sold out SMTOWN concert held additional performances and finished to the great success of Asian singer 's first pop star of world dream stage of Madison Square Garden in New York, SMTOWN concert held records sold , and successfully completed the concert also Oct. 19 at Olympic Stadium in Beijing , China 's largest foreign artists in the first SMTOWN concert will be held . "

- Future vision and concrete plans with the SM also wonder.

"Yet in the world market SM have to do endless is the world first class Market in Asia is expected to be . SM Asian Market in the first place oriented. Then in the context of this year, SM C & C through a full-fledged label angry promotion was coming to start the Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group , Sony music Entertainment , including major global music companies to compete with Asia's biggest music groups baldotum , and was born in South Korea in the first place major global music group plans to become . "

- Exo-class debut in two years, the music industry has grown to become idle. The secret.

"'The wolf and the Beauty', 'roaring' to good music, performances and efforts of the members gave this year seems to get good results, especially the activity of exo direction of the group from its own differentiated strategies attempt EXO M and EXO K · South Korea debuted in China and at the same time each activity, as well as expand Korea has gained immense popularity in China. Exo I need to pay more attention to the growth. "

2.YG Entertainment

There are systems that make up the SM and Yangjiang agency . SM is the most popular pop music singer , if positive YG · R & B hip-hop as a base to black music . "International Star ' Big Bang G-Dragon said Cy company , was part of girl group 2NE1 , etc. . SM that much more small but unique and trendy music presented. Music artists have to conserve as a company that is willing to support the agency is regarded as the singers want to go .

YG Yang represent two to the power of 8 What is a story . Represents the amount of the singer representing Korea planners naturally ' Face Off ' was a success. Seo Taiji 's 90 children in the 2000s by members of the SM and YG's chief rivals achieve is leading the K -Pop . Boys ' Gangnam style' directly edit the music video has so trendy sense . If necessary, direct broadcast ekkaji part appeared to announce singer ' combat -type leader ' it.

3 Melon

Korea's largest music distributors are . Paid subscribers to 2.3 million people , accounting for 59% market share . Of two -tier such as Bugs Music , Mnet a mere 10-13% of the market share , the music industry is up to influence . A total of 2.6 million sources , including PC · Mobile · Smart TV is spread through a variety of devices . Cantaloupe is particularly marked by the consumer music industry, trends in real-time music charts reading the important point service . Terrestrial sources ranked music programs included in scoring position , go to the agency 'absolute value' to influence . Melon chart ranking hear , been certified as genuine popular music , its influence is growing increasingly . In particular, a significant impact on ranking source ' Part I ' should be abolished , and that voice is growing. Held in 2009 Melon Awards are building more power .

# 4 Dragon

"Second Taiji ' is not the word awkward . Of young people so as to be president , 10-20 exert powerful influence . As a member of Big Bang is popular worldwide and recently released a solo album in September alone, and at the same time the music industry comeback throne was extortion . A regular two recently released album ' coup ' 12 contained in one of the four two-day split open song ' Black ', ' Excuse me ' to crooked ' nuilririya ' real-time enough to compete for No. 1 . " G-Dragon is the music industry for the second half of Dragon ' to not laugh at the story came out. Music , of course, from head to toe in real time over the topic of fashion to attract fashionistas . Idol this respect , and the women who love Star ' of the former Party ' is. The current music industry 'hot one ' star Dragon kkopneunda not hesitate .

5 exo

Debut in South Korea in just over two years , Asia was conquered . Did you see is a group of officials recently noticeable . Announced last month, one new song ' growl ' in Mnet ' M Countdown ' SBS ' Inkigayo ' MBC ' Show Music Core' in each of the Triple Crown ( three weeks in a row ) was achieved. Album sales were unimaginable . June announced a regular one at home 'XOXO (Kiss & Hug)' and in August released a repackaged album sold more than tie up a whopping 73 million raised . SM showcased the story of the coming of the planning so , perfect planning is rated as a victory . SM is the twenty 'first market' China in mind, a team made ​​up of elaborate strategies . Composed of six members of Korean K and EXO 3 +2 phosphorus phosphorus Chinese Korean + Chinese- Canadians EXO M consists of one person at the same time in Korea and China, made ​​its debut . For the next 10 years to lead K-POP hero .

6 CJ E & M

There are a large plate is swung . K-POP boom gripping production rocking performances abroad and , more recently, management Business ekkaji tampered with . Audition is its 'Superstar K' former jeongjunyoung drag and hugged itself is committed to the development of content . Mnet · tvN synergies with its cable broadcaster is also good.

7 joyongpil

That is eternal . Right ' gawang ' of joyongpil popular. Earlier this year, 19 homes naenoteumyeo regular songs ' bounce ', ' hello ' to the enormous popularity was confirmed . The album sold more than 200,000 copies sold out nationwide tour, the concert was recorded. In November, a concert in Japan in 15 years, was to open . ' Gawang 's pace does not seem to go through the public , as well as my tongue There are also fringed officials .

8 CY

Poorly ranked # 10 felt the ' World Star '. Announced this year ' gentleman ' last year, the response of "Gangnam -style ' failed to gorgeous compared to the success of the ranking has dropped a bit . However, recent song devoted to the working world into the upcoming new album is expected to hit the . The Republic of Korea , I do not know , Im the know " a horse is not a joke .

9 'Superstar K'

Rookie training school has become . Following up on the Season 5 audition gamyeo Korea bangsongga that caused the boom not enough , jonbak , Saskatoon , wool covers , bus heogak Kerala as a session singer , gimyerim naemyeo them grow more and more rampant in the music industry is prestige . 'Superstar K' from the source site, the top 10 artists to bombard the common do nothing .

# 10 YouTube

'International star' reigning Cy gongsin of success . Boys announced last year the ' Gangnam style' popular music video on YouTube views to date exceeded 17 eokgeon year's World hit song " As the incidence of those turned out to be a colossal power . Check effect as Youtube , raising money to give viewers a thriving site after another such that the distortion is even .

※ Power Rankings list the music industry / total number of votes 446

< Rank / brand name / number of votes >

  1. SM 101
  2. YG 75
  3. Melon 50
  4. Dragon 43
  5. Exo 42
  6. CJ E & M 40
  7. joyongpil 28
  8. Boys 25
  9. Super Star K 22
  10. YouTube 20

Other rankings

Naver / JYP / bus cover, Saskatoon / JYJ / Facebook / Girls' Generation / KMP Holdings / Music Bank

※ Top 5 Ranking Table singer / total 156 special pyosu

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  1. Dragon 43
  2. EXO 42
  3. joyongpil 28
  4. CY 25
  5. Saskatoon bus cover 18 

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