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By Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yo, ddup people. It's has been a long time since my last update. h'you guys doing? I'm so kind of busy last year. I'm so busy with my PT3 and it's already ruin my life. My PT3 result? Don't ask me please. Let me just keep it in my heart alone. Last year is also the worst year for me and for the world too. I'm pray that this year will be awesome year! Also, last year is my last day to see my crush at school. hahahaha. Okay, forget about that.

Last year, I didn't go anywhere. Just stay at home gaining more weight. lol. I miss holiday :') I've to meet my member last year but I didn't come cuz I'm oversleep xD How unlucky I am. Let talk a bit about PT3 2014. Mostly student in my school is fail. yes. fail. cuz some student didn't get ready at all. like, ALL IN RUSH AND MUST FINISH FAST. THAT'S MAKE MY BRAIN GO INSANE. plus with that Band things, ugghh, I don't want to remember anything.

So, this year I'm already form 4. For school, I got Science Sport Class. T^T exactly, for real I'm a bit sad cuz I can't take ICT class T^T but, ahh~ nvm. SSC assignment a bit weird. We must be a fanatical football fans. Like whaaaaaatttt? I hate football, why must I love it? I hate sport! T^T I really want to change to ICT or whatever~

Well, Chinese New Year it's around the corner. So, I wish all the Chinese people Happy Chinese New year! 快乐中国新年!健康,快乐永远!I hope this year I'll get what I want~ and not so busy.
Okay, Bye everyone ! ^^

Sign Out, Hara.

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